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Clockspeed : winning industry control in the age of temporary advantage /

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Clockspeed: Winning Industry Control in the Age of Temporary Advantage

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Clockspeed Summary

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Summary of Clock Speed: Winning Industry Control in the Age of Temporary Advantage by Charles H. Fine Introduction In order to conduct a scientific study, you set a baseline then introduce changes in order to understand the impact of the change.

Clockspeed Summary Summary of Clock Speed: Winning Industry Control in the Age of Temporary Advantage by Charles H. Fine Introduction In order to conduct a scientific study, you set a baseline then introduce changes in order to understand the impact of.

Clockspeed: Winning Industry Control In The Age Of Temporary Advantage

Summary Summarizing, the brief restatement of a longer text in fewer words than the original text. The most important feature of a summary is that it is short, almost always fewer than words. It is a piece of writing about another piece of writing. The term clockspeed itself seems particularly apt for our constantly changing, technologically driven economy.

To me, it creates the image of old-fashioned clock hands (pre-digital) spinning wildly out of control.

Clockspeed summary
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