Exploitation to women


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The following is a guest post by Megan Roberts, associate director of the International Institutions and Global Governance program at the Council on. Sexual exploitation eroticizes women’s inequality and is a vehicle for racism and "first world" domination, disproportionately victimizing minority and "third world" women.

Sexual exploitation violates the human rights of anyone subjected to it, whether female or male, adult or child, Northern or Southern.”.

Sexual slavery

Our mission is to reach, restore, and equip women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking to live healthy, flourishing lives, and train others to do the same across the globe. National Center on Sexual Exploitation is opposing pornography by highlighting the links to sex trafficking, violence against women, child abuse, addiction and more.

Women Exploitation Women exploitation is an undeniable happening throughout our history and society.

Child protection from violence, exploitation and abuse

In our patriarchal society, the exploitation of women is present in a lot of different fields including mass media to the common workplace. Definitions for exploitation ˌɛk splɔɪˈteɪ ʃən ex·ploita·tion Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word exploitation.

Princeton's WordNet ( / 4 votes) Rate this definition: exploitation, development (noun).

Exploitation to women
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Women and Exploitation