Professors should embrace wikipedia

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Professors Should Embrace Wikipedia

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Professors Learning To Embrace, Not Hate, Wikipedia

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Once Reviled in Education, Wikipedia Now Embraced By Many Professors By Jeffrey R. Young Oct 17, Robert Cummings, associate professor of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Mississippi.

Professors should allow use of Wikipedia

Jan 28,  · Professors Should Embrace Wikipedia Inside Higher Ed Mark A. Wilson — When the online, anyone-can-edit Wikipedia appeared inteachers, especially college professors, were appalled. Wikipedia Is Wikipedia enemy #1 for professors?

Despite its reported accuracy ( errors or omissions per article, on average, compared with for Britannica), the crowd-sourced encyclopedia hasn’t gained traction in higher education, because articles can be biased and the sources don’t have to meet the same high standards that a.

Professors Should Embrace Wikipedia. When the online, anyone-can-edit Wikipedia appeared inteachers, especially college professors, were appalled. The Internet was already an apparently limitless source of nonsense for their students to eagerly consume -- now there was a Web site with the appearance of legitimacy and a dead-easy.

Review opinions on the forum thread - Professors Wikipedia. Professors Should Embrace Wikipedia By admin In Essay Samples On December 25, In Mark Willow’s article “Professors Should Embrace Wisped”, Wilson argues that despite the legitimacy of Wisped, educators should engage and take part in helping shape the direction of Wisped.

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