Rental system of gown s barong

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Automated Rental System of Sam’s Fashion Beauty Essay

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Debut Packages

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Academic dress

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Wedding Packages

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~ Free rental of wedding gown with accessories: head dress, veil, cord, arrhae, pouch, 2 cushions, wedding garter, and bridal robe. ~ Free rental of barong for the Groom and male entourage ~ Free rental of gowns (1 maid of honor, 3 bride’s maids, 3 flower girls).

When I was a little girl, I've always fantasized about looking like a princess on my wedding day. I imagined a ballroom gown showered with shining sequins, gems and stones meticulously sewn into my lace dress and six feet lacy train.

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Buwan ng Wika: Where to Buy Filipiniana Costumes for kids?

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Jan 25,  · The gowns, barongs and suits are a bit more pricey than in Tabora, but you can enjoy hunting for your gown because the mall uses airconditioning. Divisoria is a .

Rental system of gown s barong
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