Should ecstasy be legal

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MDMA Could Be Sold as a Legal, FDA-Approved Drug in Just 5 Years

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How Ecstasy Was Banned

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Having said that, since the question is specifically about Ecstasy, I would like to add some reasons that support the legalization of that drug in particular. Even though MDMA causes some harms, it is a relatively safe drug if used safely. OPINION: A dangerous case is being made in New Zealand for the legalisation of MDMA, the primary active ingredient of the street drug, Ecstasy.

MDMA Use as Non-Problematical. MDMA should not have been made illegal because it never was, and continues not to be, a significant social problem. "Ecstasy" use has not surfaced as a significant problem because there are properties of MDMA itself that contain its use.

Aug 02,  · Pre there were "0" deaths from legal ecstasy.

Should mdma (ecstasy) be legalized?

"0". Postthe DEA comes in forces the manufacturing process underground. In order to keep up with demand, ruthless dealers then cut it with whatever drugs are easily Resolved.

According to this authoritative survey, ecstasy use among heavy drug users is substantial, and 15 per cent use ecstasy weekly.

An online survey in Britain tsuggests MDMA users were more likely to report dependence symptoms than users of cocaine. Oct 30,  · mdma being legal could lead to mass abuse which could results in problems for some people but really i don't think the responible people in the community should be punished because others can;t control themselves.

so thats one for legal mdma from me.

Should ecstasy be legal
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Why MDMA Should Not Have Been Made Illegal