Should nato stay in afghanistan

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Petraeus: We went to Afghanistan for a reason, and we need to stay

Should NATO stay in Afghanistan? Anonymous Should NATO stay in Afghanistan? Afghanistan was not always thought of as a horrendous, dangerous and backwards country. Prior to the Soviet invasion ofAfghanistan was on its way to becoming a developed country.

Top U.S. Commander: American Troops Need to Stay in Afghanistan

NATO needs to decide what the objectives in Afghanistan are first. Was it to unseat the Talaban and Kill UBL? If so, we should declare victory and leave. Was it to prop Afghanistan up and create a democracy?

Then we will be there for hundreds of years while democratic institutions and traditions are instilled. Jul 09,  · NATO says it is “ready to stay” in Afghanistan, reiterating a pledge on funding for local security forces. “What we have seen is we are committed and we are ready to stay,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Saturday, highlighting the funding pledge through NATO should withdraw from Afghanistan.

There is a very old saying in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent going back thousands of years: “Beware the claw of the tiger, the venom of the cobra, and the vengeance of the Afghan.”.

Canada should stay in Afghanistan: NATO head

The right approach for the United States is not to pull out next year but to keep several bases and several thousand U.S. and other NATO-coalition troops in Afghanistan for the foreseeable future.

The United States can stabilize Afghanistan if it maintains around 68, U.S.

Why NATO is vital for American interests

troops in Afghanistan intodropping to over 30, thereafter (about what we have in Korea).

Should nato stay in afghanistan
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