Should women work

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What's Wrong With Equal Rights?

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17 Reasons Why A Woman Should Work

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What's Wrong With Equal Rights?

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Why Women Shouldn’t Work

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Women should definitely work because when feeding children the salary of the male is not enough. When the mother also works, the daily work is done is obvious that women should do housework too.I agree.

Jan 08,  · I am of the opinion that a married women should have to have her husband’s permission in order to to work anywhere (even from home) and that her husband should be allowed to terminate her employment anytime he wants- especially if he feels it is interfering in family life.

Women should not work outside the home, that is a man's job. Women are meant to stay at home, clean the house, cook, raise the children, and above all; serve men.

Should Women Work? A Historical Perspective

They should not be working in a position that men are supposed to fill. What I mean when I say “women shouldn’t work” is that women shouldn’t work in the same capacity as men, or to be more specific, women shouldn’t be breadwinners. In extraordinary circumstances such as poverty or war women may be called upon to work in the same capacity as men, but in the normal course of life women should not work as.

Women should work for the family. Women should definitely work because when feeding children the salary of the male is not enough. When the mother also works, the daily work is done is obvious that women should do housework too.I agree. Most women in the work force are working in air-conditioned offices as HR professionals, writers, journalists, PR consultants, marketing professionals etc.

Good luck getting those 'empowered' princesses to construct 80km of fencing around a cattle property in the middle of summer.

Should women work
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