Sunday is a day of rest

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Sunday is a Day of Rest Isn’t It?

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Attorney General

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Sunday is a Day of Rest Isn’t It?

God made the instructor and told us about it. Gettysburg, supra, by stating at page. Sunday, is a day of rest, according to the what law? Paul Tran on February 6, at pm said: Simply put, Sunday was set aside as a day of rest & worship by the early church.

Is Sunday a day of rest for you? If you are in church leadership, I suspect the answer will be a resounding ‘No’! Quite right too—most full-time church leaders will plan for another ‘Sabbath’ on a day other than Sunday.

Apr 22,  · We dance in rhythm with God when we keep the Sabbath. The reason we are called to take a day of rest is simple. Humans tend to forget that we did not make the world and thus, that the world does.

Pope demands Sunday to be a day of Rest!!! The saying “some things never change” may not be applicable in all cases.

However, when referring to the abominable pontifical pomp of the Bishop of Rome, words never rang more true. SUNDAY ‑- DAY OF REST LEGISLATION ‑- CONSTITUTIONALITY. Senate Bill No.if enacted into law, would not violate the state or federal constitutional requirements of due process, equal protection or freedom of religion.

Which is the true day of rest, the Sabbath – Saturday or Sunday? Christian churches often discuss about which is the true day of rest, the Sabbath. Most churches and Christian associations keep Sunday.

Only a small handful of people observe the Sabbath on Saturday.

Sunday is a day of rest
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