Why should we oppose death penalty

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Six Reasons to Oppose the Death Penalty

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Why I Oppose the Death Penalty: Redemption Is Always Possible, so Killing Is Always Wrong

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Reasons to Oppose the Death Penalty

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If You Hate Big Government, You Should Oppose the Death Penalty

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The Facts: 13 Reasons to Oppose the Death Penalty

After its provisional abolition under the Constitution, its return inand subsequent abolition in by Congress, the death penalty seems very likely to return under the present administration.

We need to oppose this. The death penalty is barbaric and an antiquated, regressive, “cruel and unusual” punishment. With all of our advances in the sciences, sociology, psychology, education, technology, and so on, we should have more socially-effective, non-lethal, civilized techniques to punish (and rehabilitate) criminals, while protecting the rest of society.

Those who oppose suicide, but support the death penalty, should ask themselves whether a wrong becomes right simply because the state is an accomplice. Since execution by lethal injection is now common, states are even using the same method of killing that is used in euthanasia--which most of them ban.

I have many reasons why I oppose the death penalty, but the foremost one is that I cannot countenance executing innocent people. With the imperfections and abuses present in our criminal justice system, we know that innocent people are falsely convicted and sentenced to death.

The Facts: 13 Reasons to Oppose the Death Penalty There is a better alternative: life without parole. In Oregon, we have the option of sentencing convicted murderers to life in prison without the possibility of parole. “A Dozen Reasons to Oppose the Death Penalty,” an updated version of my America article, includes a longer discussion of religious views than the one in the article.

Why should we oppose death penalty
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Kill the Death Penalty: 10 Arguments Against Capital Punishment